Saturday, August 13, 2011

Camping Trip to Natural Bridge (Lots and Lots of Pictures)

Our family camping trip for the year was held

this year at Natural Bridge in Ky. We had most

of the grand kids, 2 were missing, Kenzie had broken

her arm just a few days before and had to have surgery

so she and Tara didn't get to come. Chrissy

and Elijah didn't get to make it either. Kristy

and Travis had to work and her camping these days

is at a Holiday Inn. HaHa

John William was of course working also.

So we had some friends that joined us. The first few

days there were only about 10 of us. Then

on Wed. The crowd started to arrive. I

think we were up to 17, then on Friday 18, Then

back down to 12 on Friday evening,

then up to 14 Sat. morning. So they came and went. But

it was good to have them for whatever time they could come.

This picture is of Grandpappy, Bethanie, James, Autumn,

Jake, and Bryson on one of our hikes.

James, Jake, and Bryson they loved posing for

pictures on this day.
Grandpappy and Jake

I think I heard a Bear. This is what we heard

alot of from James this week. James and Jake.
James, Autumn, Jake, Bryson under a bridge.
Greg Jackson (aka Uncle Greg) Bethannie, James,
Autumn, Jake, and Bryson stopping for a short break.
The kids loved playing in the creek behind the
campsite, this is where they spent alot of their
time. Jake, Bryson and Bethannie, with Grandpappy
watching them.
What could be better than freeze pops and noodles.
Yes that is what their eating. Lasagna was for
dinner and a few noodles were extra and going to be
thrown out, but no worries nothing went to waste.
Bryson and Jake they just loved them.
Look Bryson found a worm.
Cathy Jackson (aka Aunt Cathy) showing
Bryson how to cross stitch.
Here we are Grandpappy and Grandma
with the grandkids, plus 2, Bethannie, Ella, James,
Bryson, Jake, Kyle, Braeden, and Autumn.
This is a mushroom that we found on one of our
hikes, pink.
Jake, Bryson, Autumn, James, Braeden, and Bethannie
all the grandkids that were there.

Kyle and Ella
Ella, James, Jake, Bethannie, Braeden, Autumn,
Bryson, and Kyle
Fun at the water again. James jumping from the rock.
And again.

Bethannie jumping fromthe rock after a little


Kyles turn to jump.

and again.

The boys in the water having fun.

More water fun, their favorite place.

And let's not forget the food. Needless to say

there was more than enough for everyone. It

seemed to multiply.

Donna and Braeden

Grandma and Grandpa Compston

Bethannie and Braeden engrossed in some type of


Greg and Cathy Jackson

Grandpappy and Braeden

Dani and Ella roasting marshmallows.

Kyle up on a bridge.

Let go though the tunnel. I think we did this a

couple of times, the kids loved it.

Inside the tunnel.

Another swimming hole we found.

Autumn jumping off this huge rock, it scared her

a little, Uncle John on the rock.

Joe Jackson diving off the rock.

John III jumping off the rock.

Balance Rock on the way up to Natural Bridge.

I also got to spend about a week with Mom, Joe,

and Paul. Was good to spend that with them.

While I was in Richmond I got to visit with

my cousin Ann and I also went to visit with

Grandma Chasteen, got to see Wanda, Mary and Ronald

while we were there.

It was a great camping trip. We miss anyone that

couldn't make it. Hopefully next time we can get everyone

together, although that could almost be impossible anymore.

We love you all.

3 comments: said...

Loved the trip, love the pictures! How long did it take to upload that many.... you are dedicated!!!

sunshine said...

It didn't take as long as I thought it would to uploas the pictures. The thing I had the problem with is the double spacing and all with the post. For some reason just can't get it to not do that on parts of it. I had a great time also. The pictures are so darn cute. Love the one of Bryson with his eyes closed tight with James and Jake. Love you all.

Shumaker said...

I love all the pictures. I am still so sad I did not get to come. But there was just no way with Mackenzie. Any how we are all already so excited for next years trip. The kids are still talking about the trip. I am so grateful that you all were willing to take 2 extra kids and still have them come. They will probably never forget that trip. The swimming holes look like a BLAST!!!!